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3D Money is pleased to announce our latest investment opportunity; a mature residential 42 unit portfolio and 4 commercial units located in Willmar, MN & surrounding area, and Mesa AZ.

The residential properties are completely seasoned and stabilized. The commercial units have some construction and rehab remaining to be done. The properties were signed under contract by five different property entity holding companies (AEHA, LLC, AEHB, LLC, AEHD, LLC, AEHO, LLC, and Allen RE, LLC) between 2010 and 2019. They were all purchased for the sole purpose of cash flow.

The residential units are occupied by various individual tenants. The commercial properties are all leased by Allen Entrepreneurs (or its subsidiaries) on triple net commercial leases.



The Offering

$2,400,000 in Secured Promissory Notes
$50,000 minimum investment
7% interest paid monthly (1st of every month via check mailed or ACH deposit) 3-year term

Reasons to Invest

Stabilized Residential Portfolio
42 units at market rent (no subsidized units)
Long term commercial leases in place with secure tenant Clear-cut 3-year exit strategy
Strong cash flow property
Highly experienced management

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The Property

The Willmar MN and surrounding area residential portfolio consists of 28 single family homes, 5 duplexes, and one quadplex for a total of 42 rental units. Rent for the single family homes range from $850-$1,100 per month with the duplex and quadplex units going for $700-$800 per month.

The commercial units consist of 3 storage facilities and a 3 building maintenance complex. All commercial buildings are rented and utilized by the property management company for the entire rental portfolio.


Cross section of management items to be addressed by the new owners:

  • Changed the property management company

  • Canceled all maintenance contracts

  • Re-Branded facilities to “Suite Liv’n” for

    marketing consistency with other


  • Executed new leases on all existing tenants

  • In-house maintenance

  • Installed coin laundry & vending where


  • Addressed multiple equipment and facility

    upgrades & deferred maintenance issues


Cross section of rehab and improvements completed

  • Security locks on all exterior doors

  • Individual unit repairs

  • New windows and siding where


  • New soffit, fascia, and roof’s where


  • Landscaping and tree removal

  • Implemented new web site & advertising