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3D Money is a real estate investment company dedicated to searching out value-add, cash-flow opportunities in real property. We specialize in “providing affordable housing to modest income people.”

3D Money was founded in 2007, by MN native Jeff Huston - an experienced financial advisor turned entrepreneur. Jeff co-owns the company with Gabe Olson who leads the development & management of the properties themselves.

We give you the tools necessary to build wealth through real estate — alleviating the stress & monotony that typically accompany traditional investments.

Not only are you gaining wealth & value — you are gaining an unparalleled sense of confidence in your financial future by securing your capital in a hard asset.

When choosing an alternative investment, you’re investing money with a company, yes — but you’re also investing in a team. Our sound principles & impeccable track record will give you peace of mind & confidence that your money is meeting the goals you have in place for it. Whether that be generating income, appreciation, or tax shelter, you can rest assured that you have made a great decision and have begun moving toward a positive and prosperous future.

An investment with us is a perfect solution for building wealth with IRA funds that are collecting dust, savings that aren't accumulating much interest, and more.

Whether you are an experienced expert investor, or someone who is investing for the first time — 3D Money is the perfect choice for you.



Current business portfolio:

  • 950 Multi-Family Units Owned and Under Contract

  • 37 Single Family Homes in a 3 County Area







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